How to increase the number of visitors on youtube

27.11.2021 | Категория: Советы

YouTube is the most popular video hosting service. Billions of people around the world watch videos there every day, like and comment.

And so you wanted to become a YouTube star, created a channel, but apart from two or three people, there are no visitors at all. How do you stand out from the competition and attract visitors to your channel?

Of course, you can cheat and buy youtube public watch hours, or you can follow the tips below to make your channel the most visited on Youtube.

Channel Promotion Tips

Clean up and design your channel. Design a beautiful avatar, come up with an interesting title and captivating description for your channel. Remove outdated and low-quality content. To get something new, you must first get rid of the old.

Publish only high-quality videos. High-quality videos are always much more fun, they get more views. Before recording your video, analyze your competitors’ content and figure out how to improve and diversify your content. Do not improvise — a pre-developed script will allow you to present your content in an interesting and exciting way. Plus, you can always tweak the script and get the most out of it.

Find the right equipment. No one will watch a “soapy” video with a hissing sound. You don’t have to buy expensive equipment — a smartphone camera, a simple backdrop, a tripod, and studio lights are perfect for a start.

Create clickbait previews. Cover is a business card, business card of a channel. The preview should motivate you to watch the video and be as attractive as possible.

Post videos regularly. It will be difficult for beginners to follow this advice, but still need to try. You can’t post videos often, do it at least regularly. Develop a posting schedule and visitors will be drawn to your content.

Advertise your channel. Don’t be afraid to spend money on paid promotion — it will pay off quickly in the future. Choose from different forms of advertising — website banners, pop-up video messages, sponsorship cards, and so on. Promote your channel in social networks, forums and thematic sites.

Optimize your YouTube channel. Add keywords, LSI keys and hashtags to your title and description. Make subtitles for your video, add meta tags. This will raise your video in search engine rankings.